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Press release:

The trading of shares of Royal Imtech N.V. will end on 30 December 2016.

The by court of Rotterdam appointed trustees of Royal Imtech N.V. hereby inform the public that the trading of shares of Royal Imtech N.V. will end on 30 December 2016 at Euronext in Amsterdam. The company Royal Imtech N.V. will be delisted on 2 January 2017.

Kind regards,

mr. J.G. Princen & mr. P.J. Peters

Curatoren/Bankruptcy Trustees Royal Imtech N.V.



Bankruptcy Imtech

On 13 August 2015, the Rotterdam Court has the declared  Royal Imtech N.V., with its registered office in Rotterdam office at (2803 PE) Gouda to Kampenringweg 45A, bankrupt. Paul Peters and Jeroen Princen have been appointed as trustees in bankruptcy. In the following weeks several subsidiaries have been declared bankrupt as well. Other subsidiaries have been sold to third parties by a transfer of shares. For more accurate information please find the publics report of Royal Imtech N.V. here.

The trustees will provide information on this website for the creditors and other parties concerned during the liquidation of the bankruptcy of different companies formerly part of the Imtech-group. The information will be presented per bankrupt company. It is of paramount importance that, if you have any questions, you want to file a claim or you want to contact the trustee for other reasons, you direct your inquiry to the corresponding e-mail address of the bankrupt company concerned.

For your information: as already communicated to all -by the trustees- known creditors, claims filed at a different company within the Imtech-group will not be forwarded. These claims will not be included on the list of (preliminary acknowledged) creditors. It is the responsibility of the creditors to file their claims correctly into the right bankruptcy.

The information and data on this website is not intended to offer for any accountability on the state of the assets or provide for any complete insights. Individual creditors and other parties concerned cannot claim any rights on the information provided.  

Kind regards,

J.G. Princen, P.J. Peters

Trustees Royal Imtech N.V.

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The contents of this website are based on information obtained from the bankrupt companies and third parties. No warranties or representations can be made on the completeness or accuracy of the information provided. Any reliance placed on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. It is quite possible that numbers and other data will be changed in the future.

For your information: No information will be provided by the trustees on developments in the bankruptcies other than the notifications at or the publications of bankruptcy reports. Therefore, the trustees explicitly request you not to contact about any developments in the bankruptcy.
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